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Active R/S Logo

Active R/S is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in skateboarding, and focused on quality craftsmanship. Inspired by skate culture, music, art and the collective skate community, the brand provides a unique assortment of apparel and skate hard goods which are shop built and true to their core. The clothing and skateboards are of the highest quality and constructed to take the abuse of anything that you can throw at it without breaking the bank.

Active R/S Product

Introducing Active R/S, the official in-house brand from Active Ride Shop. Started from the ground up in our local skate shops and embraced by our local communities, Active R/S represents the latest in skateboarding style as well as quality. Inspired by the California skate style, Active R/S has created its own line of skate hard-goods, Men’s, Women’s & youth clothing as well as accessories. Show your local skate shop some love and sport Active R/S gear.