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Adidas Adi Ease Shoe

Item # 1002-09816

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Adidas Adi Ease Shoe

Item # 1002-09816


The Adidas ADI Ease Shoe has a basic concept that's inspired by all things casual. Feature a vulcanized rubber outsole, super thin collar and tongue, with a stitchless toecap. Simplicity is key here plus the price isn't too shabby!


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Adidas Skateboarding

In the last 15 years Adidas has popped in and out skateboarding, they’ve always been on the radar, having Mark Gonzalez as one of their leading pros for the last 15 years and slowly picking up other legends like Dennis Busenitz. But it wasn’t until their “City Campaign”, a collection of tour-like skate videos that were made to hype up their recent full length skate film “Away Days”, have we really seen Adidas make a big push into the skate world. They have a real love for the culture and that speaks through the type of pro team they've put together. Not just building a skate team of the “next big things” Adidas has cultivated a team of old and new legends like Mark Gonzalez, Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, Marc Johnson and Daewon Song to name a few. With their large collection of pro model skate shoes, designed by the legends themselves, and with the release of the “Away Days” full length skate video, Adidas has planted that foot and seems to be in it for the long haul.