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Brixton Messer Fedora

Item # 1002-34716

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Brixton Messer Fedora

Item # 1002-34716


The Brixton Messer Fedora features a wide style bring with a leather band around the top brim.

Brim width: 2.5'


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A little About Brixton

Brixton, the brain child of David Stoddard, is a California-born brand inspired by the laid back beach lifestyle. Originally it began as a headwear brand, designing unique hat styles to stand out from the tradition styles at the time. As the brand grew they moved into jackets, t-shirts, and finally pants. David Stoddard’s willingness to take risks ultimately made Brixton what it is today, a brand with a creative style that sets the trend for others to follow. Being one of the first brands to carry Brixton, Active Ride Shop is proud of what the brand has become and we constantly look forward to what Brixton has in store for us.