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Active Gift Card

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Shopping for someone and not sure what to get them or want to let them pick out their own gift? Buying them one of our gift cards is a great way to make sure they get what they want. Plus, they will be able to use our gift cards online or in an Active Ride Shop store near them.

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Active R/S Clothing & Skateboards

Our skate shop first opened it's doors back in 1989 and since then we have been on mission to provide the best shopping experience to the skateboarding community. We make sure our staff is knowledgeable on the product we make and sell, and that they are up to date on current style trends. With the success we experienced at our store location we decided to make our offering available online to you. We hope to continue to provide the same experience in store as we do online.

Active R/S is our in-house clothing brand and is influenced by skateboarding, art, music and more. We take pride in the quality and durability of our products. We also make a skateboarding line-up with Decks, Wheels, Bearing, and more. Shop Active Clothing, Active Accessories, Active Denim, Active T-Shirts, and Active Skate Decks.