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Griptape - Diamond Supply Co.

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Buying Skateboard Griptape

At Active, we carry some of thes best skateboard griptapes from brands like: Grizzly Grip, Bro Style, Jessup Grip, Mob, and more. Shop by Brand, Color, and Price to find what you're looking for.

When buying skateboard griptape, you'll most likely go for the basic black griptape, but if you'd like to give your deck some extra steez, then you can upgrade to grip with custom graphics or cutouts. It's all about personal preference when you pick out your grip.

To learn more about griptape or general skateboarding 101 questions and answers check out our skateboarding 101 pages.

The Diamond Supply Co. Story

Diamond Supply Co. was established in 1998 by Nicholas Tershay. The goal was to create a skateboard hardware line. With the support of Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, the initiative was able to take the fast tack to success and today the brand represents high quality skateboard hard and soft goods, from decks to sweatshirts. If you are one who pursues their dreams, then represent the diamond life!