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Buying A Longboard Skateboard

At Active, we have a great selections of Santa Cruz longboards , Globe longboards, Gold Coast longboards, Sector 9 cruisers, and more. Shop by brand, size, color, and price to find what you're looking for.

What is the best longboard skateboard? Is it a cruiser longboard? When buying longboard skateboards, you'll most likely go for a particular brand or graphic. While this is fine, for performance reasons, you may want to consider the shape and size of the longboard to get the most out your riding style. Longboards come in a variety of sizes and are selected depending on the type of skateboarding you plan on doing. Sometimes you may need to skate a variety of longboards to understand which size works best for you. It's all about personal preference here. We've got a long board for crusing, carving, downhill, freeride, and boards with different flex. Buy a longboard skateboard complete or build your own with a longboard deck, trucks, griptape, bearings, risers, and wheels.

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