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Wheels - Girl

Buying Skateboard Wheels

At Active, we carry one of the largest selections of skateboard wheel manufactures from brands like: Autobahn, Bones, SML Wheels, Wreck Wheels, Spitfire, and more. Shop by brand, size, color, and price to find what you're looking for.

When buying skateboard wheels, you'll most likely go for a particular brand or graphic. While this is fine, for performance reasons, you may want to consider the shape and size of the wheels. Wheels come in a variety of sizes and are selected depending on the type of skateboarding you plan on doing. Sometimes you may need to skate a variety of wheels to understand which wheel size works best for you. It's all about personal preference here.

To learn more about skateboard wheels or general skateboarding 101 questions and answers check out our skateboarding 101 pages.

Girl Skateboards

Girl Distribution Company was founded in 1993 by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard. The company continues to manufacture skateboards with a huge artistic influence making their decks some of the most coveted in the industry.