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Airhole Pullover

Item # 1002-27619

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Airhole Pullover

Item # 1002-27619


The Airhole Pullover Facemask is new for 2014 as it combines the ergonomic fit of the standard mask and easy function of the airtube. Features breathe tech breathing hole that allows you to talk, breath and drink while being protected from the elements. Made from antibacterial fabrics so you can say good bye to stinky sweat and your mask stays extra fresh.


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Airhole Facemasks

Airhole facemasks feature a signature airhole at the front for breathging, some of the most technical fabricks, and the brightest prints and fits. Founded by pro snowoboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown in 2006, Airhole is one of the leaders in face protection while on the winter mountain.