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Active Ride Shop Skate Team

Active Pro Team

Guy Mariano Guy Mariano
Jamie Thomas Jamie Thomas
Justin Figueroa Justin Figueroa
Brian 'Slash' Hansen Brian "Slash" Hansen
Chad Tim Tim Chad Tim Tim
Chris Joslin Chris Joslin
Collin Provost Collin Provost
Dakota Servold Dakota Servold
Daniel Espinoza Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Lutheran Daniel Lutheran
David Loy David Loy
Don Nguyen Don Nguyen
Anthony Schultz Anthony Schultz
Clint Walker Clint Walker
Jeremy Leabres Jeremy Leabres
Jon Dickson Jon Dickson
Jordan Hoffart Jordan Hoffart
Billy Marks Billy Marks
Riley Hawk Riley Hawk
Terry Kennedy Terry Kennedy
Trevor Colden Trevor Colden
Kyle Walker Kyle Walker
Chris Gregson Chris Gregson
Kelly Hart Kelly Hart
Micky Papa Micky Papa
Charlie Blair Charlie Blair
Marquise Henry Marquise Henry
Samarria Brevard Samarria Brevard

Active Am Team

Ben Fisher Ben Fisher
Dominick Walker Dominick Walker
Ethan Loy Ethan Loy
Corey Glick Corey Glick
Shane Borland Shane Borland
Dylan Williams Dylan Williams
Ryan Alvero Ryan Alvero
Tre Williams Tre Williams
Chase Webb Chase Webb