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Riley Hawk came through Active Escondido on Sunday hanging out with all the homies at the shop for the release of his shoes with Lakai. There was free pizza!!!

Active Escondido

lined up

Riley Hawk

what’s up Riley!

 Jacob Nunez

Jacob Nunez aka Paco Shep Dawgs

Riley Hawk @ Active Escondido

Stoked fans

Free Pizza at Active Escondido

Free Pizza

Riley Hawk pictures


Shop Manager Aaron Maniscalco

Shop Manager Aaron Maniscalco

Riley Hawk at Active Escondido

kids getting anything signed that they had.

Riley Hawk @ Active Escondido photos

Sick board!

Riley Hawk @ Active Escondido photo recap

Good use of the Rileys after shredding so hard

Active Ride Shop


Riley Hawk @ Active Escondido photo

Riley’s got your back!

Active Escondido photo recap

more fun

Active Escondido

thanks for coming!

Photo recap from Active Escondido

Sabbath tee

Riley Hawk @ Active Escondido photo 1

Sabbath tee

Active Escondido photo 2

brought his in-class art work to get signed

Active Escondido photo 3

all the pepperoncini’s

Active Escondido photo 4

Maniscalco owns this shop

Active Escondido photo 5

new stickers, stoked!

Active Escondido photo 6

come back here for a group photo y’all! Sick Bowie tee too!

Active group photo

Group photo 1

Active group photo 2

how about a close up?!

Active Escondido photo 6

We end this here

Maniscalco’s hip bruise!! OWWW

but wait… Maniscalco’s hip bruise!! OWWW