Pretty Sweet World Pemier @ORPHEUM THEATER

The highly anticipated video of the year, Girl & Chocolate‘s “Pretty Sweet” premiered Friday night. Beware for a mind blowing video coming soon in stores & online! (which you can also pre-order here!)

Emerica Demo @ Active HQ

The Emerica team came, saw, and conquered the Active Park today! If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed out on!
Stay tuned for footage from Emerica!

Milk & Cookies Art Show: The Story Tellers +Tee-Shirt Contest

Active Ride Shop, Mini & Maximus, and AR4T Gallery are partnering on a kids art show, Milk & Cookies: The Story Tellers, at the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach on Saturday December 10th.

game of skate


Congratulations to 17 year old  Manny Guevara of Fontana, CA.