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When I thought of someone to interview this week, I thought to myself, “Why not TheSkateboardMag's 'Years Best Am' award winner?” So, here is an interview with the man himself, Dylan Rieder. These are 10 question every skate rat would want to know, I hope you enjoy them.


1. Who do you usually skate with?

Usually my buddies from HB, but when I'm not with them, I'm skating with the AWS dudes, we're trying to film a video.

2. What's that one trick that you can't seem to do consistently?

Backside 360's

3. What music have you been listening to lately?

Elliot Smith, the Floyd, BRMC, The Brian Jonestown Massacre……

4. What are your daily rituals before skating?

Two Sugar-Free Red Bulls will do the trick.

5. Who was the first skateboarder you saw in person that blew your mind?


6. What is your daily skate spot?

I wish there was one

7. What is your city to skate?

HB man

8. How many years have you been skating?


9. What do you like doing besides skateboarding?

74 Gibson Marauder

10. In your opinion, who is killing it right now?