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David Loy Interview +

Thrasher just posted an interview on long time Active Pro team rider, David Loy, talking about his new part in Birdhouse's "Saturdays" video. Also watch...

Extra Flare: Riley Hawk

Active Pro team rider, Riley Hawk has the last part in Lakai's latest film "The Flare", check out some behind the scenes raw footy from...

HALL OF MEAT: Chase Webb

It’s an honorary status that no one really wants, but this is Chase’s third Hall of Meat this year. Congrats! (He’s also had a 1,000...

Hall of Meat: Jordan Maxham

Active Pro team rider, Jordan Maxham slammed pretty damn hard in this here Hall of Meat from Thrasher. Shop THRASHER Here

Mythical & Magical: Chris Gregson & Shea Cooper

Active Pro team rider, Chris Gregson featured with Shea Cooper in Blood Wizard's "Mythical and Magical" part. Must watch!!! Shop Blood Wizard Skateboards