Since its beginning, the skate shop has always been a core piece of skateboarding. That is still true till this day! Skaters have always been able to come in and ask the experts about what makes a good skateboard deck. Active has been one of those leading experts since the opening of our first skate shop way back in 1989 in Chino, California. We have expanded that skate expertise with our online skate shop! We have created various lines of skate product to offer at an affordable price. The shop board has always been there for the skater that wanted to rep the local skate shop without breaking the bank. Active skate decks give you the high-quality and durability that you have demanded in a skateboard. Active Ride Shop is here to keep you skating, so pick one up today!

Active Skate Decks

When shopping for a skateboard, it is important that it meets your standards. That’s way many skaters choose the brands they do! Skaters know what works for them in terms of size and shape. Active R/S skate decks are designed by and built for skateboarders! They are available in a number of shapes and sizes to meet your skating needs. Like pop? Active skate decks got it! Active Shop Built skateboards are made of high-quality, durable seven-layer Canadian maple wood that provides for longest lasting skateboards at a great price. We are constantly exploring new shapes and designs to bring the best possibly skate deck to you. Our shop decks also come decked out in some pretty cool graphics. Active skate decks come in a variety of unique graphics ranging from digital & screen prints to unique custom artwork from individual artists. We also work with local artists to include the local skate community. Shop decks don’t have to be boring and Active R/S decks prove it!

Our Active decks are the choice of both experienced skateboarders and beginners alike. Our shop boards are a great choice for those just learning to skate. Get the feel of an authentic skateboard with Active R/S! Browse through our online store to find a deck that matches your style. We are looking to help build the skate community by offering the best product! Start with an Active R/S skate deck and if you need a complete, we’ve got your back. Check out our skate parts collection for the best wheels, trucks, hardware, bearings & grip in the business. Active R/S also offers a line of shop wheels, hardware & bearings built to the same high standards that skateboarders have come to expect! Active shop wheels are made from high-quality urethane to match your budget. Plug some of our Active Abec-5 or Abec-7 bearings built for speed and designed for a long-lasting and smooth ride. Active Ride Shop provides high-quality skate gear at an affordable price. If you’re looking to save some cash, we got you covered. Don’t settle for low quality product! Save today on all orders of $74.99 and up! Come check out Active Ride Shop!