Active Ride Shop

Active Ride Shop has been a staple of the skate community since 1989 and we have been the top destination for local skaters providing the best selection of product at the best prices. Active has been apart of skate culture for nearly three decades and our knowledge extends beyond the shop. Skateboarding has always been about supporting one another within the community. With the rise of the internet, Active has found a way to share the love of skateboarding to a larger audience. We are constantly looking for new ways to reach the skate community! At the same time, we would like to welcome all new skaters! We have expanded that local skate shop experience and expertise with skateboarders from all over the world with our online skate shop! Whether you’ve been in the game for a long time or just starting out, Active Ride Shop has what you need!

Decks, Trucks, Wheels & More

Active Ride Shop is your online destination for the best selection of skateboard decks, skate accessories & pre-built complete skateboards. Browse through our online skateboard shop for a wide variety of decks, trucks, wheels & griptape from the top brands like Girl, Independent, Baker, Spitfire, Real, Santa Cruz & much more. You can also shop by categories such as brand, price & size. We also carry a huge selection of skate accessories such as durable hardware & skate tools, whatever you need to keep you skating!

Active Decks & Wheels

If you’re looking to save some cash, we got you covered. Check out our affordable Active shop decks or pick from our great selection of sale decks from a variety of today’s top skate brands. Don’t settle for low quality product! Active Shop Built skateboards are made of high-quality, durable seven-layer Canadian maple wood that provide the longest lasting skateboards for the price. Active skate decks come in a variety of unique graphics ranging from digital & screen prints to unique custom artwork from individual artists. Our online board shop also offers Active shop wheels made from high-quality urethane to match your budget. Plug some of our Active Abec 5 or Abec 7 bearings built for speed and designed for a long-lasting and smooth ride. Active Ride Shop provides high-quality skate gear for an affordable price. We also offer pre-built skateboard completes which are also easy on your wallet. Save with free shipping on all orders over $74.99!

As the skateboarding community continues to grow, we would like to be ride along for journey. Skaters will always need a skate shop and Active wants to be the go-to place for all skateboarders. Active Ride Shop has been in the game a long time and we recognize what core skateboarding is all about. We are looking to share that love and knowledge with skaters from all around the world by providing an authentic skate shop vibe online. Browse our online skate shop and check out our selection of skate gear, apparel, shoes & whatever else you need!