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Stussy has long been a part of the Active family and we share a deep-rooted history. From its early days in surfing, Stussy has grown to become one of the largest and most innovative streetwear brands. By continuing to push the limits of what is possible, Stussy has established itself as a leader in fashion industry. From hoodies, jackets, long sleeves, tees, pants, shorts & accessory pieces, Stussy has left its mark on nearly all aspects of the clothing game.
Founded in the early 1980's by a surfboard shaper looking to promote his work. Shawn Stussy splashed his last name, in what would become an iconic hand style, onto a couple of tees and sell them locally. Stussy would spend the winter months skiing and that’s where he met a man with a familiar name, Frank Sinatra Jr. (no relation to the famous family). Sinatra believed in Stussy, and the two formed a partnership that would forever change their lives. Stussy was born.
Stussy has grown into a streetwear powerhouse but isn’t one dimensional. The brand crosses multiple genres, reaching everyone from punk scenes to the hip-hop culture. Stussy has long been a backer of the skateboard community. By sharing roots in subculture beginnings, Active and Stussy continue to support each other. By producing exclusive pieces and collaborating with other brands, Stussy continues to be a leader in an industry that has seen others flame out. Active has carried the brand since its beginning and continues to support it today. Browse through our online shop for the latest from Stussy!
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Stussy Men’s

Active Ride Shop carries the latest from Stussy. Browse through widest selection of men’s t-shirts, long sleeves, knits & button-ups! Men’s tees are where Stussy began and continues to be a staple in the fashion game today. Decorated with awesome graphics, you can’t go wrong with a classic t-shirt. We also carry Stussy long sleeves & knits which are perfect pieces to add to your collection. Pick up a button-up that you can wear to a family function or a night out with the homies. Stay warm with a stylish hoodie or jacket that you can wear almost anywhere. Check out Stussy’s collection of men’s denim, pants, sweatpants & overalls at Active Ride Shop.

Stussy Women’s

Shop our collection of Stussy women’s apparel. We carry an array of women’s tees, long sleeves, sweatshirts, tank tops & hoodies. Browse through a variety of cool graphics & prints that are available in a number of colors. We have something for every season: tank tops for the summer and hoodies for the winter. Put on a trendy beanie or snap back to complete your look. We also offer a selection of Stussy undergarment and other essentials. Stay stylish while out with friends or in the club with something from Stussy. Shop Active Ride Shop for everything Stussy!

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