The Hundreds x Garfield Collab Collection. Everyone's favorite lasagna eating cat has teamed up with Bobby and The Hundreds to bring you a wide offering of your favorite apparel. From hoodies & shirts to pajamas & pins we've got you covered head to toe in Garfield gear. Catch Garfield, Odie, Arlene & Jon making appearances on these pieces.

Jim Davis's classic cat jumps out of the comic strips and on to a collection of clothing and accessories. Since 1978 this lazy Tabby cat has shared wisdoms, slept & eaten lasagna religiously. It's only fair to honor this cat's greatness with a collection of this caliber. Just don't tell Nermal. 

Would you be willing to lead a parade in celebration of the lazy life? If the answer is yes… you’re all wrong for lazy week.

Also Jon doesn't know about this and he doesn't need to. 

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