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H2O Vise Sunglasses

Sunglasses and water have gone together like mac & cheese since the dawn of time. However, water has been the ultimate widow-maker in this forbidden love triangle. That is until now...

Introducing Heat Wave H2O Floating Tech - The first fully floatable pair of Heat Wave Visual sunglasses. We've taken every step to make this pair of glasses as buoyant as possible. Construction includes light-weight polarized nylon lenses, PVC emblems, and last but not least a hybrid poly frame infused with H2O Float Tech to get these glasses to rise to the occasion.

Finally you can comfortably wear your favorite glasses in and around the water without the anxiety, or out of pocket expense when it comes to losing a pair to the expansive liquid abyss that has been known for centuries to swallow anything you let go of.

The H2O Vise is non-customizable - Each piece is specific to the H2O frame enabling it to float. Additionally H2O models feature pinned hinges to increase durability during water activities.

The Vise frame is a California born classic, a meeting of styles, we're putting the game in a choke hold with our latest sunglasses. Uncompromising and bold, the superior design of the Vise is evident with its hard lines, squared up shape and relaxed fit.

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Color: Black Frame/Polarized Sunblast Lens
Black Frame/Polarized Sunblast Lens
SOCOM Setup/Polarized Black Lens
Size: OS