Pre-Built Completes

Skateboarding has always been a community built around support and we are always ready to welcome newcomers. When new to the game, building a complete skateboard can be a stressful experience for beginners or anyone new to the world of skateboarding. You might have a ton of questions like: which board to get, what size trucks do I need? Wait, trucks have different sizes? Yeah, they do! Luckily, we are here to help you through the learning process. Pre-Built Complete boards are great for beginners because experts pick out your skateboard complete for you. Learn the ins and outs of skateboarding without the hassle of buying something that may not work for you. Don’t settle for low quality either. Our catalog features Pre-Built Complete skateboards from your favorite brands with awesome graphics and matching wheels! These skate completes are also easy on the wallet. Get a good board without sacrificing quality! Learn to shred without breaking the bank!

Complete Skateboard Brands

Active has made buying your first skateboard complete extremely easy with our Pre-Built Completes! Check out our selection of Pre-Built skateboard completes from the top brands like Real, Creature, Anti-Hero, Santa Cruz & more! Skateboard completes include a deck with griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings & hardware. Everything you need comes pre-assembled. Designed and put together by the experts, we make the experience of building a complete board quick & hassle free. Built to ride right out of the box with your choice of MOB or Jessup griptape. Looking for a gift for that skater in your life but aren’t too sure what to get them? Pre-Built skateboard completes make gift giving easy. We also offer accessories like bearing lube and skate tools to help you maintain your new complete board! We provide free shipping on all orders over $74.99! Save a buck and make that skater’s day!

Pre-Built Completes aren’t just for first timers, experts and long time skaters like them too! They save time & money. Maybe you are in a rush and don’t have the time to shop, or maybe you just like how the skateboard completes are put together. Whatever the occasion, complete boards can fit whatever you are into. Shred the park and city with a cruiser or drop into the deep in with something from the old school. We got you! Maybe you are looking for something mellow to cruise around the beach on. We have long boards for that!

Buy Skateboard Complete Online

Learning anything is a process and that goes for skateboarding too. Your favorite pros had to start somewhere and we in the skateboard community get that. Don’t be afraid to get into the mix! Active is here for whatever your skate needs may be. And when you are ready, we have a large selections of decks, wheels, trucks, hardware & whatever else you will need to build your custom skateboard complete! Whether you are a first-time buyer or just looking for a gift for that special skater in your life, Active Pre-Built Completes have got you covered. Shop our full selection of complete boards online at Active Ride Shop!