Complete Skateboards

Active is the best skateboard shop to browse a wide selection of decks, trucks, wheels & griptape from a variety of top skateboarding brands. We carry your favorite brands such as Girl, Chocolate, Alltimers, Baker, Real, Santa Cruz and more!

Price of Skateboards

If you’re on a budget and need a cheap skateboard we offer our own shop built Active Ride Shop decks and a bunch of cool skateboards on sale. Set up a whole skateboard with grip tape and hardware or try out pre-built complete skateboards. Whatever your hard goods skateboarding needs are Active has you covered from experienced to beginner skateboard set-ups. With our free shipping on all orders over $74.99 you’ll have your skateboard delivered quickly and save some money too!

Best Skateboard Decks, Skate Accessories & Complete Skateboards

Active Ride Shop is your online destination for the best skateboard decks, skate accessories & complete skateboards. Shop the top ten skateboards by skateboard brand and companies by price and the best skateboards by size. Active Shop Built skateboards are durable, high quality and the longest lasting skateboards for the price. Skate decks are made from seven layer canadian maple wood with digital print, screen print & unique custom artwork. We are the best Southern California skate board store with durable skate hardware bolts, skateboarding tools and custom complete boards. Complete skateboards are the best beginner skateboards and are pre-constructed to ride right out of the box with MOB and Jessup grip tape. Shop our full selection of skateboarding decks at Active Ride Shop.