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Design your very own complete from scratch: including a deck, bearings, trucks, hardware, wheels, and grip will get you shredding in no time. Designing your own custom complete puts you in control! Build a board that fits whatever type of skateboarding you want to do or design something for all terrains! Whatever skateboard part you need, we got it! At Active Ride Shop, we have the latest product from brands like Baker, Girl, Independent, Bones, and many more. Active has whatever you need to build your own custom complete!


We have a huge selection of skate decks from the leading brands in the industry. Decks come a variety of shapes, lengths and sizes and Active has a huge collection of boards. Finding the right board to fit your skating is important, so variety is key to building your complete. Our online skate shop carries top brands like Baker, Krooked, Real, Girl, WKND & many more. If you need it, we have it! We also offer our very own affordable Active shop decks! Made from high-quality Canadian maple, our shop decks are durable full of pop. They also come in a variety of cool graphics! Looking for something less traditional? Check out our selection of longboards & cruisers! Shop Active Ride Shop to find the right deck for your custom complete.


Picking the right skateboard truck is an important part of building a complete. Similar to decks, trucks come in a variety of sizes. Weight is also important. Some skaters prefer the lightweight feel of hollowed trucks while others like to ride the more weighted variety. Height is important too! Active carries the top varieties from the leading skate brands. Shop companies like Thunder, Independent, Venture & Royal to find the truck to is best suited for your skating needs. We also have a collection of trucks for longboards & cruisers! Check them out today!


Wheels are an essential part of any skateboard & picking the right set is key! Skateboard wheels come in a number sizes and levels of hardness. Softer wheels make for better gripping while harder wheels are generally faster and are great for powerslides! Shop from top brands like Spitfire, OJ Wheels, Bones, Pig & others! Active has you covered for whatever you type of skating you want to do: filming, park skating, vert skating & even longboardings! We have to right wheels for you!