Active Ride Shop

Shop all of our own Active Ride Shop brand skate goods. We make our own decks, wheels, griptape & bearings. At Active we make a selection of shop built high quality skate goods that don’t compromise quality at their cost.

Skateboard Decks

All of our Active Ride Shop skate board decks are made of 7 ply maple and have medium concaves. We feature guest artist, collab and create our own art series to bring you a diverse collection of styles, colors and designs. Most designs feature our lock up Active logo or our Active Icon logo in different applications. If you want to buy skateboards or complete skateboards try out an Active Ride Shop brand board. You can even build your own complete skateboard setup with a full Active build.

Skateboard Wheels

We also make our own best quality skate wheels in multiple sizes and shapes. Our most popular wheels the Jawbreaker wheels and Chicle wheels are available in white green & pink. These wheels are made in small to large sizes for both street skating or vert skating. These wheels have flatspot resistance and will keep you skating faster and longer. Toss these on a brand new Active deck with some of our best quality skateboarding bearings.

Skateboard Bearings

Now that you’re geared up with some of the best skate wheels on the market toss some Active Abec 5 or Abec 7 bearings in them so you can roll all day long. These bearings were built to last and give you a smooth, quick, and long lasting ride. Just make sure to maintain them, keep them clean, and lube them up for a longer lasting bearing. They all come as a set of 8 bearings and 4 spacers to set up a complete skateboard. Grab a set of these cheap skateboarding bearings with durable and high performance.

Skateboard Hardware

With that new board, deck and skate board wheels you’ll have to make sure you’ve got all the right parts to put it together! Toss on a set of our lock up phillips head hardware nuts and bolts. One set is all you need and they’re so durable you’ll be able to keep using these on your next board set-up.

Skateboard Griptape

Finish that new skate board deck off with a sheet of super sticky black griptape. The Active Icon Griptape is shop built by some of the most knowledgeable employees and skaters that we have. This grip features a super sticky construction so you can get all the flick and grip you need for any of your tricks. All of our Active Ride Shop grip tape is standard sized 9 x 33" and has an Icon logo cutout. All orders over $74.99 qualify for free shipping so your new board will arrive quickly!