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Bones Wheels was founded in 1990 as a wheel division of Powell Peralta, but since then it has grown to stand as it's own brand to bring a commitment to produce the highest quality urethane's. Through their continued improvements on present technologies, Bones Wheels is able to offer a diverse line of specific wheel formulations for all terrain types. 

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings are known to be the best performing skateboard bearings in the industry. So many pros have mentioned how long they last and how fast they are. Bones bearings are maintainable by dissembling them, you can clean and oil them giving you a like new ride again.

The Bones team has riders has featured greats such as Tony Hawk, David Gravette, Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, Chris Joslin, Bucky Lasek & Steve Caballero.

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