Skate Clothing Brands

Shop all of our clothing in one convenient place. Active Ride Shop is the best skateboarding shop to shop for skate wear from brands like Stussy apparel, Adidas Skateboarding, Polar Skate Co., Brixton Manufacturing Co., Alltimers Skateboarding, Chinatown Market Streetwear, Rip N Dip clothes & Stance Socks. With a lineup of the best skateboarding clothes from the top 5 skateboarding brands you can’t go wrong with any item you pick. Our skate clothes include: youth skate wear, menswear, womenswear & accessories.

Skate Wear

We carry skate apparel for all seasons such as shorts, jeans, pants, sweaters, hoodies & hats. There are clothes for every occasion at Active Skate Store. We have menswear essentials, men’s basics & dressy clothing for men, women & children.

Top Streetwear Brands

Active carries the hottest new streetwear brands of 2019 with the best and newest skateboarding sportswear coming in every day. Check out our men’s fashion favorites from Volcom and Vans like Kinkade and Solver Denim jeans or Van’s Skateboarding Authentic and Old Skool Shoes. Active also carries trending streetwear brands HUF Worldwide, Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine, The Hundreds Los Angeles and Obey Propaganda. A combination of all of these brands builds Active Ride Shop Skate Shop to be the top skateboarding store in Los Angeles, California. We are also the top women’s fast fashion location with mart brands, staples, classic & unique women’s clothing brands.

Women’s Skateboarding Apparel

Active carries the best girl’s skateboarding clothing from Levi’s Jeans, Lira Clothing, Sadie and Sage Apparel, Wild Honey clothing, Converse shoes & Santa Cruz Skateboards. If you need the best snowboarding clothing, outerwear or jackets for the Winter shop with us. We have snowboarding clothing, goggles, scarves & boots. Get fitted head to toe this Winter and Summer 2019 at Active Ride Shop. All orders over $74.99 qualify for free shipping so your new clothing will arrive quickly!