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RIPNDIP was started in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor in Orlando, FL.
Today RIPNDIP live in Los Angeles soaking up the California sun and ripping of course!
RipnDip's designs feature their mascot Nermal the Cat along with other characters in a variety of art styles. RIPNDIP has recently been creating more custom cut and sew pieces spanning from pants to sweaters to quarter zips. A mix of colors and vibrant imagery is a hallmark of their pieces. 
Whether you are looking for new clothing or a new deck or got your eyes on a Nerm t-shirt, a Nermal Nug air freshener or just love cats, check out RIPNDIP. RIPNDIP makes a variety of product like T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Hats, Beanies, Shorts, Pins, Umbrellas, Air Fresheners, Bags, Griptape and Decks.