Active Santa Monica Is Now Open!

Active Santa Monica is now open with a new location on the 3rd St. Promenade.

Past & Present: 10 Examples of Mexican Art influence on Deck Graphics

For Cinco de Mayo, we dug up 10 of our favorite art deck graphics influenced by Mexican / Spanish / Latino culture.

5 Mexican Restaurants You Must Try In Long Beach

Chad Tim Tim shows you his Top 5 Mexican Food Spots To Eat in Long Beach

4 New Skate Brands You Should Know About

New Skateboarding Brands here at Active Ride Shop, featuring: Lovesick Skateboards, Politic Skateboards, The Killing Floor, & Cortina Bearing Co.

Lovesick Skateboards Interview w/ Aleks Lewandowski

We’re pretty hyped to introduce Lovesick Skateboards at Active Ride Shop. Lovesick Skateboards is ran by Aleks Lewandowski who goes way back as a filmer for skateboarding and now has this brand ran out of his garage. He’s currently working on a new film with his team. We asked him a few questions with our skate buyer, Joey Coleman.